It's a big marketplace.

Rarely will you need a partner to address all of the marketplace's trillions of parts. You need to find the ideal way to cost-effectively make your mark. Increasingly, this doesn’t require a massive agency or on-boarding overhead.

A right-sized scale of effort can make all the difference. Utilize only the necessary people, network and tactics and you can get a more valuable outcome than otherwise.

Amalgamated Consolidated Worldwide is a consortium of subject matter experts, creative and strategic veterans, digitally-minded visioneers, logistics and distribution professionals, experiential and event authorities, go-to-market pioneers, and noise-making publicists.

Tap into our network to find the right person—or persons—to expeditiously address your market need. We are your agile solution to achieving your marketing and marcom goals. 

Target wisely and you will succeed.


We had been living in sin for years...

We were a group of veteran independent professional marketers who, after years of working together informally, decided that is was time to combine networks. That move was serendipitous for our brands, the marketplace, the industry, and maybe the planet. 

Strategists, Art Directors, Publicists, Writers, Directors, Producers, Coders, Social Web Experts, Product Launch Designers, Event and Experiential Authorities -- we are the people who work for the client like we are client and though independent, always get the call.

... so we decided to make it legit.


Timothy Christian

Timothy Christian

Strategy • Video • Content

Angela Castelli

Angela Castelli

Alpha Culinarian • Development


Gary Hudson

Branding & Design • Cultural Anthropoligist

Passionate about the culinary world? 

Send us your portfolio, resume, a nice note with a fine chianti -- whatever.

You never know when you'll get the call to come in and break bread. 

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